Optical and Microwave metasurfaces and metamaterials

Metasurfaces are two-dimensional analogues of three-dimensional materials. Implementations of metasurfaces can be quite different, from nanostructured chalcogenide films of transition metals and graphene to two-dimensional arrays of dielectric and plasmonic nanoparticles. Despite on subwavelength thickness, metasurfaces are extremely effective for the control of electromagnetic radiation and surface electro-magnetic waves. Due to rich functionality, flat geometry and simplicity of fabrication, metasurfaces are extremely promising in various fields from photonic integrated circuits to biological sensors.

Usage an equipped anechoic chamber we study physical processes of electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials and metasurfaces in the microwave range. We also perform the following experimental methods: measurement of radar cross-section patterns and spectra of objects, determination of material properties of metamaterials, measurement of complex plane-wave reflection and transmission coefficients of various metasurfaces, near-field scanning, surface wave investigation, unit-cell modeling in waveguide etc. The results lead to demonstration of new effects and quantitative characterization of novel metamaterial- and metasurface-based antennas and radiofrequency devices.

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