Personal Information

Title: Engineer
Work address: 199034, Russia, Saint Petersburg, ITMO University, Birjevaja line V.O., 14
Tel: Mobile: +7 951 655 88 86
Date of birth: 19 December 1991


Dates: 2014-2016
Name of organization: Saint-Petersburg Academic University of the RAS
Title of qualification: M. Sc.
Title of thesis: Light scattering on a periodic chain of two-level atoms placed near the nanofiber

Dates: 2010-2014
Name of organization: Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University
Title of qualification: B. Sc.
Title of thesis: Cooperative interaction of light with a system of ultracold atoms

Dates: 2008-2010
Name of organization: Ugorskyi Fiziko-Matematicheskyi Licey-Internat, Khanty-Mansiysk

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