Personal Information

Title: PhD Student
Work address: 199034, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, ITMO University, Birjevaja line V.O., 14
Tel: Mobile: + 7(999)529-30-29
Date of birth: 18 July 1995


Dates: 2016 - Present time
Name of organization: ITMO University, 197101, Kronverkskiy pr., 49, Saint Petersburg, Russia (
Principal subjects: Metamaterials
Title of qualification: Master
Title of thesis: Quantum effects and phase transitions for extended model of Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in double-well potential

Dates: 2012 - 2016
Name of organization: Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs, 600000, Vladimir, Gorkogo, 87
Principal subjects: Nanotechnology and Microsystem Technology
Title of qualification: Bachelor
Title of thesis: Study of dispersion properties of an exciton-polariton nonequilibrium condensate confined in a weak-contrast periodic potential embedded into a planar microresonator

Research Interests and Background

Bose-Einstein condensates, exciton polaritons

  • State Academic scholarship of ITMO University September 2016 – January 2017
  • Scholarship of ITMO for diploma with honors September 2016 – January 2017

List of journal papers