Optomechanics is the branch of physics devoted to the controlled movements of the micro- and nanoparticles by means of optical radiation. Currently, optical manipulation has become widespread as in physics research and in biology and medicine since it is practically the only non-invasive method of controlled transport of live micro-objects. Due to a development of nanotechnology and radiation methods of structuring optomechanics took a giant step forward, reaching a very high flexibility in optical manipulation.

So-called “holographic tweezers” were created to control the movement of a few tens of particles at the same time, "rays of attraction" - beams, attracting the object to the radiation source, and one of the discoverers of these beams is our employee Sergey Sukhov. Nanooptomechanics is the direction which allows to operate with nano-objects using additional nanostructures, in which the field can focus and reach gigantic radiation localization factors. As a consequence, high holding force values were obtained. In our department we hold a number of projects to study the behavior of nanoparticles in the near field of nanostructures such as metasurfaces and metamaterials, which allows to configure the path of nano-objects almost arbitrarily.

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